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Adamawa Cattle, Breeds, Desciption, Characteristics

French Adamawa Area is the place which is found Adamawa cattle. they are some type of zebu cattle. The area of Adamawa cattle are so difficult to live but approximately temperature of that area is between 5 degrees to 10 degrees north and 10 degrees to 16 degrees. there is the place of Adamawa Province in Nigeria. high feet between 3000 feet to 4500 feet is the blunder of rocks in the area. sedentary are the people which our lives in Adamawa. there are owned Adamawa cattle.
Adamawa animal put down in the early stages in the age of 2 to 5 years and bulls working near about 3 years. However, Adamawa has not a perfect season to breeding but mostly November are using for the breed.
Adamawa is the milk-producing machine. therefore, they are mostly using in villages to gain milk. there are less using grass and give more production. roundabout weight is 525 kg in the history of Adamawa. they are founded in Nigeria and mostly used in the farming setup. he will be used locally like as riding one place to another place. working hours of that cattle are five to 8 hours per day.

characteristics of the Adamawa breed.

. Medium-sized cattle with a long head

. Their legs are same zebu cattle.

. An average of that species is 400 kg.

. Flourish humps are other characteristics of that species.

. Most probably color are black, white brown, roan, and red.

. The average height of that animal is 125 cm

. 26 is the birthweight of female and 20 is the male

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