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Top Afrikaner Cattle Breed Uses & Characteristics 2019

Africander is another name of Afrikaner. they are found in South Africa. there breed relate to the taurine-indicine. In the past, 1500 years ago, they will found in Asia and South Africa due to the origin. Nguni and Drakensberger breeds are most common because Afrikaners share his breeds to this Animals. Most common things are cattle are moves from Asia and Africa for the people reason. he will be the most valuable breeds these days because they are very old breed. He also found are less in this country. Due to some reason, the farmer is less breeding and non-production things, he will be the reason for less population. In these days, he will find in some countries like Australia, South Africa, etc. Farmers are breeds with the other cattle like Brahman cattle. In the 19s they are most valuable breeds due to some reason behind happening. afrikaner cattle are a very beautiful breed. they will be adjusted in the local temperature in every country. their skin is the very porous type. he will be used for jackets, shoes and many more things.

Afrikaner Cattle Characteristics

He is average cattle in all types of breeds. Longhorns, red color, medium legs, very high weight body. Their muscles are very strong and working for the hard work in villages. He lives in the wind and hot temperature. they are the good quality of the Afrikaner breed. He will be handled easily every temperature and absorbed it. Over the 16 years, they will become a calve. it is a very important breed in the world. sanga cattle are the type of Afrikaner breed. cows and bulls are the mostly same body. mostly horns of this type of cattle are upwards. bull height is more than cows. mostly height of cows are 145cm and bulls height is 155cm. 500kg is the medium weight of Afrikaner cows and 1000kg are Afrikaner bulls.

Afrikaner Cattle uses

most probably use in milk production in dairy products.
He will be used commercially in cities and villages.
another word, they will be export in foreign countries for generating revenue.
farmer is used for plow fields in the local villages for multipurpose.

Some Facts are related to Afrikaner cattle

Afrikaner is the name of the breed. Another name of this animal is Africander. Barzona is the most Attractiveness cattle. Because they will be used for multipurpose. They will be used mostly meat. they absorbed every temperature within the days. cows of this breed are also good other than breeds. There breeding is so good for milk and meat. Most probably size is the breed is average bulls 900kg and cows 500kg. Mostly color is found in this Afrikaner breed Red. Long-horned are shows in every animal of the breed. He will be found in South Africa. afrikaner cattle are found in somewhere in Australia. Some cattle breeds are some like Tuli cattle. These cattle are most common in the breed which is related to that animal. Most of the Afrikaner cattle pictures are found on different websites. But, In the past, they will be founded in common in local areas in different countries. today difficult to find it.

Afrikaner cattle for sale in South Africa

South Africa is the origin of cattle animals. So, Afrikaner cattle is the biggest market in South Africa origin. people are moving around the world in this country to buy and sell animals. kids and average age people are very interesting to buy the animals. Some people are working for a third party to move this animal to all over the world for multi purposes like milk and meat. Europe is the biggest market to import this meat.

Afrikaner cattle for sale in Namibia

Another biggest market for sale Afrikaner breed in Namibia. Namibia is the second country to export meat all over the world. namibia is this small country but, they are a very big forest in that country which gives the help of cattle to increase his breed. Afrikaner prices depend on age and weight.


1. What is the meaning of Afrikaner?

Ans= a South African person whose family was originally Dutch and whose first language is Afrikaans

2. Where is found Afrikaner Cattle?

Ans= today they will be found in South Africa these days.

3. What is the color of this cattle breed?

Ans= Most probably the color of that animals is red

4. What are the uses of Afrikaner Cattle?

Ans= Most of the uses in Meat, Milk, dairy products, farming, plowing fields.

5. What is the weight of the Afrikaner cow?

Ans= Average weight of cow is 600kg.

6. What is the weight of the Afrikaner bull?

Ans= Average weight of bull is 1000kg.

7. What is another name of Afrikaner cattle?

Ans= Africander is the other name of this cattle breed.

8. What is the Afrikaner cattle origin?

Ans= South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia are the origin of this breed.

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