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Agerolese Cattle Uses, Characteristics, Information & Facts

Agerola is the area of country Italy where the Agerolese cattle are found. In the area of Agerola, Mostly dairy cattle are common. Because peoples are using this cattle for milk and dairy products. Here is the Found with the cross-breeding of the indigenous Podolica cattle with Italian Holstein cattle. it is the famous cattle in Italy which can be associated with the agriculture of that country.

Agerolese Cattle History

Agerolese is a new breed from the breeding of Friesian, Braunvieh, and Jersey. His breeds are very good quality dairy and meat breeds. But, mostly they are dairy breeds using for breeding. In this time, these cattle are somewhere are founded. In the report of Census, total counting of Agerolese cattle is 200. they are defining a moment in the history of cattle. these cattle are most probably used in Italy for Generate revenue. the total amount of this cattle is 103 mature (85 cows and 18 bulls). Alarming situation of Agerolese, then they will be reported and he will be an increased amount with the passage of time. today he will increase the amount more than the last years.

Agerolese Cattle Characteristics

Agerolese bulls and cows are horns. Their color is red and brown. Their size is medium and horns size is average. The height of the average Agerolese bulls is 125cm. But mostly cows height is 115cm. Their sizes are defined in the age of Average. weight of Agerolese bulls 500kg and Agerolese cows weight is 250kg.

Agerolese Cattle Uses

mostly they will be used for milk and dairy products in the market.
Another commonly used of these cattle animals are Meat production.

Agerolese Cattle Facts

Agerolese absorbed every temperature where he place. He is the most unique breed because their products are more than the other cattle breeds. People getting the milk production of this 3000kg average from both cows and bulls. their milk is used for multi purposes like Italian butter and cheese. if you want to gain more production then, you want to breed more to gain more milk and generate revenue.


1. what is the age of Agerolese?

Ans: Average age is 15 years.

2. What is the main purpose of Agerolese Cattle?

Ans: Most probably used for milk and dairy products.

3. what is the size of Agerolese Cattle?

Ans: their size is Medium.

4. what is the color of Agerolese Cattle?

Ans: Agerolese bulls color are black and Agerolese Cow color is brown.

5. what is the origin of Agerolese Cattle breed?

Ans: Italy is origin where is found.

6. what are the sized Agerolese horns?

Ans: There sized are Medium

7. what is the weight of Agerolese Cattle?

Ans: Average weight of Agerolese bulls 620kg and Agerolese cow is 400kg.

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