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Top 400 list of cattle breeds and types in the world

What is Cattle Animals? .Cattle is an Animal which can be used to produce milk, meat, dairy products and uses in leather industries. We learn about the cattle so, cattle is the member of Bovidae family or species that includes domestic cattle, sheep, buffalos and goats. Cows and bulls may be cattle. this is large domesticated animals which are used as pulling weight and crawling the fields. In other words, some countries like India and Africa are used yak, buffalo, gayal act as a Cattle. In India, cattle are used in some religious activities and like as god. we see that 1.5 billion are cattle and near 1000 breeds in the world today.
In the cattle, first one is a bull calf and the second one is heifer calf. When the bull is growing then, after three years he becomes ox and same like a bull when heifer growing he becoming cow after three years. cattle weight depending on his breed when he is growing. cattle may be horned, depending on his age. horns near about the ear and simple horns of cattle. in 1000 years ago, cattle are found Newzealand, America, India, Asia, Africa and used in domestically for a pull cart. they were used for pulling weight, power and water which come out from earth. cattle eat grass are grazing. they are strong legs and teeth which give the help of eating grass. sleeping time of these animals are 8 to 12 hours per but mostly cattle are sleeping at night. so you can calculate the average of that 8 hours per day. cattle are bigger animal can digest efficiently the hard grass with strong teeth. it is drinking water 40 to 60-gallon water. Most probably domestically people are mostly using for sale the cattle and earn money from that. it is
famous and more collaborative business in Asia cattle. So, Europe cattle are mostly using for beef. moreover, maximum Asia countries are export beef to the rich countries for revenue. Asian peoples are using cattle animals for agriculture. spain are using cattle like bull using for games competition. these games are most popular in Spain. then, people are moving on Spain for seeing this bull racing. that is a more effective game in the world. bulls are dangerous as compared to the cows and heifers. there strong muscles and strong legs are most famous for working in plough fields to the agriculture.

In the history of cattle, Famous Top 100 list of cattle breeds and types in the world using for multipurpose . A very small quantity of breeds is recognized. With the passage of time, cattle are using for breeds in local areas and internationally. we have defined some species to gain information related to these animals. different countries are using different breeds to gain maximum meat and milk. india is the largest countries to export meat.


Abigar is the rare breed. their subspecies are Taurus. motherland area of this animal is Ethiopia. This country is found in the small amount of that animal. So, it’s not used for meat but maximum using for milk and dairy products. If you want to learn about Abigar cattle breeds┬áSo, you can visit them.


Abondance Cattle Breed is the most common type. their subspecies are Taurus. they were found in the country of France. they are using for meat, milk and dairy products. they can be used for domestically.

Abyssinian Shorthorn Zebu

Abyssinian is the rare breed in the country of Ethiopia. their subspecies are Indicus. this is used for fermenting cannot be used for milk and dairy products because they are not found at that time.


Aceh is not found at that time. in the past time, they are found in Indonesia. they are using for milk and dairies but mostly used for meat.


Adamawa is a common type of breed. their subspecies are Taurus. they are found in all countries but motherland of this cattle animals in Nigeria. it can be used for meat, milk, and dairies. they are Draught.


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