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Definition of Zebu

There is another type of Brahman. Multi breeds of domestically oxen used in India that he will be considered to engage ox. Zebu is domestic cattle and mostly using domestically. they were found in the origin of South Africa. they are large horns with dumps shoulder with helping to gain weight from one place to another place. there were more then 75 subspecies are available in the world.

with the strong body, they were adopted low and high temperature. people are used Zebu for riding to the domestically purpose. Different countries are using different purpose but, most countries are using Zebu for milk cattle, beef cattle, and diaries. In India, people who live in villages, they are using to crawling fields for seed forming. the population of Zebu Cattle is growing fastly to gain benefits more and more. zebus eat less food and working more than his weight. 300 years ago, the world will be considered for this Brazilian. with the passage of time, they are exported all over the world to competence. first, he exported to India. Then, he considered being Indian cattle. large ears and long horns give the specific animals from other.

Zebu is the world oldest domestically using Cattle in the basis of research. Brahman is the Subspecies of Zebu. many other people are using this cattle for cross breeding to generate other like Sanga, Gir, Canchim, and Abigar. Another thought is Zebu are fewer diseases to other cattle breeds then, they will perform very well. Most common in Brazil and South Africa but outside in Asia like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh are very common for multipurpose using. More than 5 million Zebu in the world research in 2019.

Uses of Zebu

. He will be used for milk cattle and made diaries.
. He will be used for meat cattle.
. He will be used for domestically from one place to another place.
. He will be used to crawl the fields for seed farming.
. He will be used for gain water from well in the villages.

Zebu Cattle Facts

. Finding Place of zebu is Animalia.
. Chordata is placed with animals are found.
. Mammalia is class of zebu.
. Artiodactyla are an order of class within found these animals.
. Bovidae are the subspecies of that cattle.
. Genes will be found some cattle are Bovidae Bos.
. Bos Primigenius Indicus is another name of Zebu.
. Another type of Mammal cattle.
. Specific diet will be used Herbivore.
. Most probably the size is 85-108cm.
. Mostly weight is 140-210kg.
. More than 35km/h are the speed of Zebu.
. Total age is 10-18 years.
. These cattle are most controversial in the world.
. White and black color are mostly founded in that cattle.
. Their skin will be used for Leather.
. Most common food is grass will be used.
. Maximum energy gained from Flowers, Seeds, grass.
. The small size will be differentiated from other cattle.


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